Sustainergies Cup Update – Astrid & Heleen

As a first step in our Sustainergies Cup participation, we traded the traditional brainstorm session for an open-air one and walked through Stockholm looking for construction sites. This practical approach triggered our creativity, and we managed to come up with a long list of ideas for improvement. We realized however that construction sites are actually a lot more complex than we first thought so we talked to some people with experience of working in the construction sector. This allowed us to get a better understanding and to identify areas we wanted to focus on. We then set up a list of criteria, and ranked our different ideas depending on how well they fulfill those criteria. Based on that, we selected two ideas and are now on full speed to develop them into specific proposals!

PS: Gustav decided that he couldn’t put as much time in the Sustainergies Cup as he wanted due to other commitments, so our team is down to two.

Astrid Michielsen

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