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Sustainergies Cup – Team Introduction

This year, NCC will take part in the Sustainergies Cup encouraging students to develop innovative and sustainable strategies pertaining to the construction industry. Student teams will have the opportunity to blog about their engagement with the NCC case study and their perspective on a more sustainable society.  For more information and to find the NCC case study, visit

Sustainergies Cup Student Team: Anna & Steven

Anna and Steven are interested and passionate about furthering the discussion around sustainability. They realize the importance to further engage with stakeholders in industry, academics and society. Anna Barford hails from Vancouver, Canada . Steven Curtis comes from Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the USA. Both moved to Sweden to gain international perspective and learn from Sweden’s progressive environmental values. Both Anna and Steven are current Master’s students at Lund University’s International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics. The Master’s Program, Environmental Management and Policy, looks to address sustainability solutions across many societal sectors including government, corporations and consumers with a focus on management, economics and policy.

Sustainergies Cup offers students a great opportunity to engage with industry and collaborate in developing sustainable solutions. The NCC case is of particular interest as their current study focus is dealing with environmental management in organizations. Since NCC is among the largest construction and development companies in Sweden, they feel there is great potential to make a real impact in NCC’s continued commitment to sustainability. They are excited that NCC values the input of students in further developing their sustainability work and look forward to future collaboration.

Check back for more blog updates from Anna and Steven throughout the Sustainergies Cup!


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