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Sustainergies Cup – Team Introduction


This year, NCC is part of the Sustainergies Cup and challenges students to re-think construction sites to make them more sustainable. With three different academic backgrounds and three different nationalities, we feel ready to take up that challenge!
We -Astrid, Heleen and Gustav- are masters students of Sustainable Technology at KTH in Stockholm. Our program teaches how to balance environmental and economic performance while taking into account local and global ecological constraints. Behind this common interest in sustainability lies a range of different backgrounds: Astrid has studied logistics and comes from Belgium, Heleen has a background in product design and comes from the Netherlands, and Gustav, our resident Swedehas a background in machine engineering.
team picWe look forward to taking part in the NCC challenge because we believe it is a great way to improve a whole range of different skills: teamwork,creative thinking, problem-solving, communication, and  -fingers crossed- presenting our work in front of a judge to try to convince them of our ideas.  We have chosen to work on the NCC case because of the potential it has to make a real difference to our urban environment. Construction sites affect so many people every single day that unleashing our social, environmental, and ethical imagination will hopefully contribute towards some big improvements! It is also a perfect chance to get to know NCC and its activities a bit better. As Sustainable Technology students, we find it really interesting to see how big companies implement sustainability in their everyday practices.
Astrid Michielsen

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