Sustainergies Cup – Completed!

Anna and I finished our submission for the Sustainergies Cup NCC case study today! The deadline is today, January 18th at midnight! The briefs were released on October 6th and Anna and I have spent much time ruminating and thinking about our responses.

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The briefs were released on October 6th and Anna and I have spent much time ruminating and thinking about our responses. In reading the NCC sustainability report, we recognize the excellent work NCC is already undertaking when dealing with the environment. We designed our case study to communicate the design choices and sustainability recommendations NCC can make now and may make in the future. In doing so, we wanted to tailor our brief to look and feel like an actual NCC proposal for a new construction project in 2020. We built our case along two main themes:

  • Landmark – A marketing premise that recognizes the importance buildings play in shaping city and community. NCC, by maintaining commitment to environmental work, has the opportunity to continue to develop community landmarks and further the discussion of sustainable development. Moreover, we believe that a sustainable strategy is one that involves communicating the good work NCC is doing with regards to sustainability. By focusing on landmarks, NCC highlights its significant construction projects while also cementing NCC as a landmark company in fostering sustainability.
  • Circular economy – The European Union reports that nearly 30% of all municipal solid waste is derived from the construction industry (EU-wide). This figure caught us off guard and only further strengthens the need to find alternative uses for waste generated at the construction site. We provide numerous specifics and examples while building on the capacities of NCC.

Overall, this was a rewarding and exciting experience. Anna and I enjoyed looking into an industry we previously new little about. Opportunities like Sustainergies Cup with partners like NCC provide students with real life sustainability challenges and help develop problem solving, analytical and communication skills. Now, we anxiously await the results in the coming weeks. Regardless the outcome, we enjoyed contributing our ideas to enhance sustainable development.

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